Master courses for AIMMS users

The AIMMS language is designed to efficiently execute the assignment statements computing:

  • the coefficients used in the mathematical program, and
  • the values to be shown in an end-user interface after solving a mathematical program.

There are applications whereby the above steps outweigh the actual time needed by a solution algorithm to solve the mathematical program.

Experience shows that applications can significantly improve the overall performance by analyzing and subsequently improving the costly assignment statement, definition evaluations, and loops. Some of that experience is covered in this course.

This course discusses a range of topics that help you develop and deploy a professional WebUI application. The purpose of this course is to

  • help you understand how the different components of a WebUI application work together. This will help you understand where potential (performance) bottlenecks in your application may occur,
  • create awareness of some advanced WebUI widgets that might help you to improve the UI/UX for your end-users, and
  • create awareness of some some good practices that help you prepare your AIMMS application for being used in a complex server-client based, multi-user (cloud) environment.