Intermediate courses for AIMMS users

Learn how to leverage Units of measurement in your AIMMS model, to improve unit consistency and to scale properly against numerical instabilities.

Errors inevitably occur. 

The causes range from typos during the interaction, erroneous input, coding errors, to externally caused errors such as broken internet connections. 

The optimal response is clear: 

  • Extensive detection of the unexpected, and
  • Carefully and consistently handling the information thus obtained.

Applications, whereby this is implemented, make users feel that they are in control.

The AIMMS language provides facilities for detecting and handling errors. This course teaches you the use of these facilities and discusses best practices. 

This course is designed to give an overview of the most important visual design elements of WebUI, allowing you to create a great user experience inside your AIMMS application. You will learn how to:

  • Setup an unique workflow and steps for your system
  • Mount helpful calculations into the status bar, information that can be shown across all pages
  • Optimize your screen area by inserting dialog pages and side panels
  • Understand how grid page and page layout can be helpful when organizing information
  • Interact with the user adding a specific procedure into a widget